Structures Workshop, Inc offers steel connection engineering services to fabricators for
both structural steel and misc metal projects ranging from 20 tons to 10,000 tons.  We  
have developed sophisticated connection software for bracing, moment and shear
connections as well as misc metals - so we can produce calculation packages more
efficiently and accurately.  Also, we can leverage the BIM platform Revit  to import and
export IFC and SDS/2 models (or other) to coordinate calculations with shop drawings
prepared by the detailer.

Selected Completed Projects by Structures Workshop, Inc:

[SW#12121] Dryden Derrick Dunnage Connections in Springfield, MA (Dublin)
[SW#12116] BYK Instruments Steel Bracing Design in Wallingford, CT (United Steel)
[SW#12113] Whitcraft Steel Connections in Eastford, CT (Dublin)
[SW#12112] Bldg 1507 Steel Connections in Lincoln, MA (Cherokee)
[SW#12109] Hannah B. G. Shaw Connections in Middleboro, MA (NESI)
[SW#12107] Franklin High School Steel Connections in Boston, MA (United)
[SW#12103] Synagro Plant Steel Connections in Woonsocket, RI (NESI)
[SW#12097] Cannistraro Cantilevered Platform in Wrentham, MA (Bellingham)
[SW#12094] Southcoast Bracing Design in MA (Rens Fabricators)
[SW#12093] Sovereign Bank Newton Repair in Newton, MA (SDS)
[SW#12091] Self Storage Braced Frame Design in Bridgeport, CT (United Steel)
[SW#12090] New England Conservatory Renovation in Boston, MA (Bellingham Metals)
[SW#12089] Brown Hunter Lab Connections  in Providence, RI (Bellingham Metals)
[SW#12083] YMCA Steel Connections in Quincy, MA (The Audette Group)
[SW#12079] Ellis Tech Misc Calcs  in CT (United Steel)
[SW#12078] Salem Highlands Steel Platform Design in Salem, MA (NESI)
[SW#12073] Steel Access Platform  in Providence, RI ( Ironcraft)
[SW#12071] Stainless Steel Platform Design in Washington, DC (Cody Builders)
[SW#12067] Façade Mock-Up Support in West Springfield, CT (United Steel)
[SW#12064] Framingham State Shoring in Framingham, MA (Contractors Network, Inc)
[SW#12061] City of Worcester HVAC Roof Platforms in Worcester, MA (Berlin Steel)
[SW#12058] RI Blood Center Steel Connections in Providence, RI (NESI)
[SW#12046] American School for the Deaf Connections in Providence, RI (United Steel)
[SW#12042] YMCA Steel Connections in New Britain, CT (United Steel)
[SW#12009] Movie Temporary Billboard in Providence, RI (RISD)
[SW#12004] New Rochelle Steel Calculations in New York, NY (Cody Builders)

[SW#11078] Conant Street Bridge Shoring Towers in Pawtucket, RI (Capco)
[SW#11072] One Empire Connections for Canopy in Providence, RI (Shawmut)
SW#11071] Fegan 13 Story Tower in Boston, MA (Boston Welding)
[SW#11070] Newport Health Center in Newport, RI (Shawmut)
[SW#11064] Amgen Platforms in West Greenwich, RI (Capco)
SW#11058] Church Bracing Design in Weston, MA (Rens)
[SW#11057] Kendall Sq Shoring in Cambridge, MA (Capco)
[SW#11056] Steel Connections on Duxbury in Duxbury, MA (DesignLab)
SW#11049] Flamingo Steel Trusses in Las Vegas, NV (W&W)
[SW#11047] Canon Connections in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#11035] Atlantic Yard Canopy in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#11013] Bank Newport in East Greenwich, RI (Rens)
[SW#11011] JFK Erection Bracing in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#11010] Umass Wall Mockup in Amherst, MA (Capco)
[SW#11006] Queens Bridge Erection in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#11001] PSAC Steel Connections in New York, NY (W&W)

[SW#10060] Springfield Data Center in Springfield, MA (Capco)
[SW#10057] Brayton Point Bridge Erection in Somerset, MA (Capco)
[SW#10051] MIT 640 Memorial Drive Steel Connections in Cambridge, MA (Capco)
[SW#10050] Marquee Video Board Connections in Boston, MA (Capco)
[SW#10048] Middletown Solar Roof Design in Norwich, CT (QSR)
[SW#10044] WU East View Hall Steel Connections in New Haven, CT (QSR)
[SW#10040] Kelly Middle School Steel Connections in Milford, CT (QSR)
[SW#10039] UMass Science Lab Steel Connections in Amherst, MA (Capco)
[SW#10037] Amtrak Southampton Shop  in Providence, RI (Capco)
[SW#10036] New Rochelle WWTP Connections in New Rochelle, NY (Capco)
[SW#10034] Genzyme Steel Connections in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#10030] WPI Rec Center Steel Connections in Worcester, MA (Capco)
SW#10029] Brown University Warren Alpert Connections in Providence, RI (Capco)
[SW#10026] UMass Boston Undercut Anchors in Boston, MA (Capco)
[SW#10025] East River Waterfront Connections in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#10016] PS 167 Misc Metals in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#10010] JWU Visitors Center Steel Connections in Providence, RI (Capco)
[SW#10005] Barton Bridge Shoring in West Warwick, RI
[SW#10001] Lincoln Center Theater Erection in New York, NY (Capco)

[SW#09045] East River Fit Out in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#09043] URI College of Pharmacy Connections in Kingston, RI (Capco)
[SW#09041] Umass Boston Steel Stabilization in Boston, MA (Capco)
[SW#09036] 360 State Street Steel Connections in Hartford, CT (Capco)
[SW#09033] CVS Headquarters Steel Connections in Cumberland, RI (Capco)
[SW#09029] 44 Vent Plant  Steel Connections in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#09028] 245 Park Ave Steel Connections in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#09027] PS 277 Steel Connections in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#09016] Community Health Academy Steel Connections in New York, NY
[SW#09011] Court Square 2 Steel Connections in New York, NY (Capco)

[SW#08037] East River Tower Misc Metals in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#08031] Yankee Stadium Beam Splices in New York, NY (Capco)
[SW#08030] Sandy Hook Pump Skid Design in Concord, NH (Summit Metal)
[SW#08028] URI - CBLS Structural Glass Canopy in Kingston, RI (Summit Metal)
SW#08014] Lincoln Center Hypar Roof Connections in New York, NY (Capco)   
Structures Workshop, Inc. is a full-service structural engineering firm licensed in RI, MA, NH, CT, NY, WI, IL and ME and located in Providence.
Structures Workshop, Inc.  
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